CEO Message

Hello, my name is M. Haj, founder and CEO of HAJIMU LLC.
I was born in the Arabian region of the Middle East in 1984.
In 2006 I came to Japan to study international relations and trade at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. After graduating I joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and I was appointed to take charge of overseas sales in the Power System Division.
After living 10 years in Japan I obtained Japanese citizenship in 2016.

In 2018, I established HAJIMU LLC which is a general trading company with head office in Japan and to open in the near future offices in the Arabian countries.
Our aim is to contribute to the enrichment of both society and economy in Japan and Arab world. We believe we can achieve this by developing trade business between Arab countries and Japan.

We take advantage of the experiences and skills we have acquired so far to discover business opportunities in the Arab world (MENA) which has a market of almost 400 million people. We analyze these opportunities and connect them with right Japanese companies that produce or manufacture “Made in Japan” products.
We will fully support both Suppliers and Buyers so that they can equally benefit from these business opportunities.

We have just started but we aim to become a trusted global company.

Your kind support would be highly appreciated.

Founder and CEO
M. Haj
ハージ ムハンマド